The Wyville Fete and Hungerton Hall General Sale will take place on the 21st May 2017 at The Wyville Village Hall, from 10am ’til 2.

When Lady Le Marchant passed away last year, her final weeks were interspersed with a request that we “gather everything together and sell it all to raise money for the Church and Village Hall”… Now, gathering and selling “everything” was always going to be a little ambitious, what with probate, family and the need to keep the main house running, however we’ve found enough items for the sale to become the foundation of a really good event, one that will be a lot of fun and  bring essential funds into our community.

We’ve changed her request slightly, in that we’re splitting the revenue between St Catherine’s and GANF, Grantham’s Additional Needs Foundation, a network of schools that cater for pupils with moderate to severe learning difficulties. GANF use the Village Hall and the neighbouring woodland as their forest classroom and we believe not only in helping them in their mission, but that in supporting their activities we are also helping to ensure the long-term viability of our Village Hall.

So, other than the sale we’re intending to have an Auction of Promises, plant and cake stalls, guided tours of the forest school, games, and a clay pigeon shoot. There will also be food and drink available.

We really do hope you’ll join us.

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