Bless me reader, for I have sinned. It’s been nearly a year since my last update and, for that, I’m truly penitent. There was a flurry of activity with the new site, and lots of updates leading up to the Vintage Sale 12 months ago [which was an incredible success raising over £4,000 for the forest school and the church], and then not a word.

In the real world… well, how do you compress a year into a few paragraphs and still impart any flavour? And when our days are constantly busy, and we’re focussed on what is directly in front of us, remembering anything in depth (or anything at all, for that matter!) is… challenging.

However, I’d love to keep writing down what’s happening here, to have some record of life at Hungerton, and to impart some sense of what living in a place like this is like. So, a restart and a refresh, and hopefully more regular updates.

A year on and what’s changed? Both an incredible amount and absolutely nothing. The estate is still in probate, with lawyers and executors and endless conversations about chattels and trusts. It means there’s still no autonomy in a legal sense, although everyone is supportive and are wanting us to keep moving forward.

The farm has been through a whole cycle and is in great shape, despite the fairly challenging weather, the late harvest, the “Beasts from the East”, and the atrociously wet spring. Unlike some farms in the UK, we didn’t lose too many lambs to the late snows, and we have managed to get all our arable crops into the ground. The farming team work incredibly hard and, I know I’ve said this before but it’s worth repeating, we’re very lucky to have them.

One of the events in the past year that overtook our lives has been the battle against the quarry. It was intended to be few hundred metres from our driveway, sharing a boundary of nearly a mile with the farm. We’ve been challenging the quarry, and the associated landfill site, for the past seven years, their application was turned down by Lincolnshire Council in 2016, and turned down again at appeal earlier this year – although this may not be the end of the story. However, a story it is, and one that I will spend a little more time telling in future.

We’ve also been busy refurbishing Little Beech cottage, redecorating rooms in the Hall, strimming nettles in the woodland, installing security in the farmyard, refreshing the garden, battling with 8ft high brambles, hiring and firing architects, burying two dogs, buying two cars, building cricket nets, brainstorming diversification plans, tending broken ankles, chopping down trees, and attending countless, countless meetings. Oh, and in amongst all that we’ve squeezed in a little time for the family and, very rarely, taken a minute to admire the view.

It’s looking like this forthcoming year will be even busier. Let’s pray for a fair wind and following seas.

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