Lady Le Marchant’s last wish was for us to collect whatever we could find to help raise money for St Catherine’s (the Church at Wyville) and the Wyville Village Hall – she worked tirelessly fundraising when she was alive, and she made certain that we would carry on her efforts after she’d left! Because we felt that the work of the Forest School was so important, and that their use and support of the Village Hall was integral with its longterm viability, we didn’t think she’d mind if the focus was changed a little.

So for the past ten months, all the items at Hungerton Hall have been sorted, wrapped and boxed in preparation for the 21st. We don’t promise that you’ll discover treasure – although we would be happy to split the profits with you on the off chance you did – but there’s hopefully enough to keep most hunters happy.

And despite the many requests that we’ve had to open early for people,  whether they’re trade, friends or family, we open at 11am.

Note: any unsold items will be donated to St Barnabas Hospice, who provide dignified and compassionate end of life care across Lincolnshire

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