Hungerton and Wyville are two small hamlets, each barely a smattering of buildings, that in total comprise a single parish extant for thousands of years. This beautiful working estate occupies a corner of Lincolnshire close to the counties of Leicestershire and Rutland, and has been recognised by the British Government as a unique place that is worthy of Land Heritage status.

The current residents of the Hall are Isabel, Chris and their three children. Isabel spent a lot of her childhood growing up at Hungerton, and also lived here for a time as an adult. The family returned to the estate in 2012, living and working at Sycamore Farm before moving to the Hall in 2017. 

However it is Lady Elizabeth Le Marchant, and her husband Sir Dennis, who guided the estate to its current position. Their ceaseless efforts to create both a stable farming business and a place that is respected and admired for the quality of its environment, were truly remarkable. As landowners of the old school, who cared for the people living around them, were friends with gypsies and Dukes, and who respected the land and those who worked on it, they understood the responsibility that came with the job.

Their task, however, was not done alone. Hungerton has been blessed with a loyal team who have managed the farming (the two brothers who now do most of the farm work are fourth generation here at Hungerton), the gardens and the fabric of the estate – and without whom Isabel and Chris would be truly lost. 

The full story of Hungerton and Wyville can be found over on the history page, with the more recent happenings in the news



All the watercolour paintings of Hungerton and Wyville used on this website are by Sir Francis Le Marchant, Isabel’s uncle. All the recent photographs have been taken by Isabel and Chris, historic images are by persons unknown. All images are copyright and not to be used without permission.

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